Dallas / Fort Worth Art Gallery Openings

The content of this listing of Dallas / Fort Worth Art Gallery Openings is from Jim Mathis. Thanks to Jim for allowing DFWart.com to post his labor of love. Openings should be posted here every Monday and will be good for the week.

Dallas Gallery Openings October 4

"BIG Student Art Exhibit and celebration!" by Alessandra Russell, Alfred Graham, Amy Edwards, Andrea Jarvis, Anne Turner Beletic, Annette Anderson, Annette Morganstern, Beth Maultsby, Betty Wilson, Bonnie Tollefson, Carol Dingman, Carol Fink, Carol Ordemann, Charles Keenan, Cheri Hamilton, Clarice Ann Dorst, Debi Maerz, Deborah Thomas, Diane Allen, Doug Herrin, El Bratcher, Ellie Arsova, Ginger Cruikshank, Gloria Drumm, Hibest Zikru, Jeanne C. Neal, Joan Kickham, Joely Rogers, Juli R Branson, Julie Beth Wileman, Kandi Trevino, Kathy Aldridge, Kathy McKinney Friedman, Katie Burgess, Kim Adams, Kimberly Loveland, Larry Maupin, Leigh N. Eldred, Leslie Noble, Liz London, Liz Moulin, Lorraine Villere, Lovett Bayne, Lydia Gowens, Lynn LaBuda, Marti Holman, Mary E. Morgan, Mary Alice Binion, Mary Buck, Mary Cox, Mary Ellen Thomas, Pam Elins, Pat Hurst, Patricia Allen, Patty Pusateri, Phyllis King, Ralph Soto, Renee Pryor, Richard Cox, Ron Thierbach, Selena Dixon, Sharon Traverse, Sherry Peart, Sherry Thompson, "Spider" Fabian Marquez Perez, Susan Caroline Justus, Susan Paulson Clark, Susan Ruzicka, Theresa Garcia, Teresa Meeks Bristol, Vicki Owen and Vickie Neary, at The Bonny Studio and Encaustic Center - October 4 : 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

580 W. Arapaho, #262, Richardson, Tx 75080

"Masterful Marks: An exploration of the medium of drawing" by Olin Travis, at the Valley House Gallery - October 4 : 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM


6616 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, Tx 75254