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Postcards From All Over - Biennial exhibit

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2000 Results

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Postcards from All Over 2000 Results

Curated by joel Sampson

A mail-in postcard exhibition
by the Irving (Texas) Art Association

March 5 - 30, 2000 at the IAA Center for the Arts

It does not seem like two years has past since the first PostcardsFrom All Over exhibit, which has now become a biennial event. Likethe first exhibit, the quality of work entered in the Y2K show wasoutstanding! We hung over 180 cards this year.

I kept the categories, like the show, somewhat loose. The graphics division consists of photography, digital and other prints. Thecollage and mixed media were especially strong. I sorted the mostlysingle media works into subject matter: landscape, portrait, floral,abstract and other which was still life and other subject matter. Itwas easier to compare landscapes with other landscapes rather thanwith an abstract. Plus we have a couple of divisions for kids, underand over 9th grade.

Typically I ended up with a dozen works in each category I reallyliked. And often liked the top six equally well. If you did not makethe "cut," I probably really liked your art too!

Thanks for entering the show. And thanks for the support of theIrving Art Association, Barbara Fields, IAA President, and the Cityof Irving, Parks and Recreation.

The complete List of Entries is on-line.

The winners are on-line in JPEG format. All art is copyright by the original artist.

Best of Show
Barbara Nehman (Richardson, TX),   Gig

1: Trent M. Mann (Dallas, TX),   Sphere Study #7
2: A.J. Haskell (Allen, TX),   Looking Down the Road to the Future
3: Paula Grinnell (Irving, TX),   Waterfall with Rainbow
HM: Monte Martin (Dallas, TX),   Freedom in Absolutes
HM: Cynthia Padilla (Dallas, TX),   Milano

1: William B. Warde (Denton, TX),   The Human Form Divine
2: Birta Shubin (Irving, TX),   Winter Solstice
3: David L. Alvey (Dallas, TX),   Ro$
HM: Melissa Mudry (Arlington, TX),   High School Gossip
HM: Jason Dibley (Denton, TX),   w cents

1: Karyl Barbosa (Grand Prarie, TX),   Delightfully Delicious
2: Cora Streit (DeSoto, TX),   Pink Poppy
3: Romona Murphy (Wills Point, TX),   Walking the Rails
HM: Virginia Cowden (Dallas, TX),   God's Handiwork
HM: Amy Brickerhoff (Irving, TX),   Rock Rose

1: Marca Sue DeLacerda (Cedar Hill, TX),   Funky Cat
2: Carol Hayman (Austin, TX),   Stop signs
3: Nadara T. Goodwin (Dallas, TX),   Ram
HM: Virginia Petrosius (Richardson, TX),   Eye on the changing hand of time
HM: Sheila Cunningham (Richardson, TX),   Rice
HM: Shari Lynch (Weatherford, TX),   Untitled

1: Harry S. Shields (Richardson, TX),   Untitled
2: Dorothy E. Guell (New Orleans, LA),   This Very Old House
3: Maureen Brouillette (Arlington, TX),   Marshland
HM: Glinda Schafer (Gretna, LA),   Bayou Retreat
HM: Jeane McIntosh (Dallas, TX),   My Trip to Spain

Mixed Media
1: Jennifer Nelson (Irving, TX),   Lazer Lights
2: Kelli A Connell (Denton, TX),   Tongue Tied
3: Mel Ristau (Dallas, TX),   Untitled
HM: Beata Szechy (Dallas, TX),   Dream
HM: Alicia Patrice Snee (Dallas, TX),   The Three Graces

1: Trudie D. Simoson (Bedford, TX),   Untitled
2: Glen Ayers (Plano, TX),   Big Foot Angel with a Message
HM: Roberta May (Irving, TX),   Santa Fe

1: Jackye Jewett (Irving, TX),   Mad Hatter
2: Sue Lynn Pauken (Red Oak, TX),   Letter from Home
3: Wilson Fields (Irving, TX),   Drinking Place
HM: William W. Worley III (Huntsville, TX),   Hello From Huntsville
HM: Tony Baker (Irving, TX),   Backyards
HM: Sharon Chaparas (Grand Prarie, TX),   Come On In, The Waters Fine

Student 9-12
1: Jason Whitney (Grand Prairie, TX),   Looking For You
2: Connthia Ray (Grand Prarie, TX),   Wall Rocks
3: Pablo Uresti (Grand Prarie, TX),   Playfull Monkeys
HM: Matt Beggs (Grand Prairie, TX),   Dragon
HM: Killian Slaughter (Grand Prairie, TX),   Angel

Student K-8
1: Leo Cruz (Grand Prairie, TX),   Untitled
2: Lisa Smith (Flower Mound, TX),   Birthday Surprise